Centralize control of your marking and coding equipment across lines and across plants.

The MPERIA® marking and coding automation platform centralizes control of your production operations, adapting seamlessly to your environment.

  • Improve the efficiency of your print operations and increase production line productivity.
  • Easily integrate your existing environment using your current enterprise systems and legacy equipment. No custom software or server hardware required.
  • Scale up easily – add equipment to your line, or expand to multiple plant locations. MPERIA’s unparalleled performance will keep up

MPERIA® enables you to manage and control marking and coding operations at any point in your production line—all from a single location.

  • Single “one-touch” user interface controls all equipment – printers, barcode readers, vision systems, scales, and actuators
  • Maximize investment by controlling third-party equipment and eliminate your need for third party control software
  • Reduce equipment touches and training required of line operators and maintenance personnel
  • MPERIA’s unmatched performance supports hundreds of print heads from a single controller handling up to 900 unique codes per second

MPERIA synchronizes with any ERP/WMS system or database to automatically send data to the production floor. Integrated verification systems ensure that prints are accurate and readable at every point—from product to pallet.

  • Coordinate marking data with ERP, WMS, PLCs or big data systems to automate message creation, from unique codes, product identification, serialization and batching
  • Validate codes, text, and graphics with integrated vision systems, and dynamically ensure accurate codes with real-time clock synchronization
  • Ensure system redundancy with backup print equipment that can be automatically activated on your production line when needed
  • React quickly to coding errors or equipment faults through centralized real-time visual or text alerts