This semi-automatic case erector pneumatically folds minor flaps to reduce labor fatigue. User-friendly design allows the unit to double as packing station.

The Little David CF-5 is a semi-automatic case erector capable of handling a variety of case sizes. It has an ergonomic design that adjusts to most conveyor heights using slide and lock legs, making it easily compatible with most sealers. The CF-5 also uses an Allen Bradley Micro800 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to drive the cases, so it doesn’t require any lubrication. The intuitive changeover feature helps to maximize production speeds, increasing the efficiency of the entire system. This system can be easily operated and requires minimal operator training. In order to operate the CF-5:

-The case is first formed.

-The case is then held in place for the operator to pack.

-Next, the case is pushed into a case sealer and is able to be sealed top and bottom.

This case sealer takes the place of traditional air logic driven case formers. Not only does the CF-5 reduce the amount spent on labor costs, but its user-friendly workplace design doesn’t require employees to perform the constant, repetitive twisting motion needed to operate previous models. The use of photo eyes promotes safe operation and further reduces opportunities for work-related injuries to occur. All of this makes the Little David CF-5 an ideal solution for real world case forming applications.