Label Printing Machines & Automatic Labelling Machines for Accurate Label Placement

Print & apply labelers are ideal for high resolution text printing, barcode printing and image printing on cases, pallets and shrink wrap. These industrial label printers deliver high contrast print for exceptional bar code read rates.

The Videojet 9550 labeling machine utilizes Direct Apply™ technology, a unique on-demand labeling method that allows accurate placement of the label onto the package without the need for an applicator, even at high speeds. Never miss a label, regardless of line throughput and pack size by labeling up to 150 typical 4″x6″ case labels per minute. Improve efficiency by switching from tamp or blow applicators to a Videojet 9550 label printing machine with Direct ApplyTM labeling.

Print & apply labeling solution for cartons, cases, pallets and shrinkwrap

The 9550 Label Printing Machine with Intelligent MotionTM is a smarter print and apply labeler that targets zero unscheduled downtime and reduces costs and errors in case coding operations. Automatic, precise control of the entire system together with Direct Apply label placement, provides the most efficient and reliable industrial labeling machine.

This Videojet print and apply labeling machine can aid with high contrast bar codes and other production information on various substrates like shrink and stretch wrap, cardboard boxes, egg cartons and cases.

In addition to the Videojet 9550 with Direct Apply™, Videojet offers 9550 units that feature a tamp applicator, a front-of-pack applicator or a corner-wrap applicator.

  • Direct ApplyTM GS1 bar code labels at speeds up to 150 packs/min.; other application options available
  • Automatic, precise mechanical control virtually eliminates downtime
  • Single intuitive interface simplifies operation
  • Built-in Code Assurance reduces operator errors