A large and small character drop-on-demand (DOD) valve marking system specifically designed for challenging industrial applications.

The VIAjet V-Series marking system gives you reliable drop-on-demand (DOD) valve technology to mark porous and non-porous substrates including metal, paper and pulp, wood, concrete, rubber, and plastic. Considered the fastest and most reliable in the industry, our DOD printers allow your production to meet critical deadlines with precision jewels set in the stainless steel printhead faceplate to reduce ink consumption for a lower cost-per-mark.

The V-Series is ideal for both large character and small character, low-resolution marking with the capability to stack printheads for very large logos and graphics. Flexible mounting over, under, or beside the production line allows for seamless integration into your production line. These features, combined with its rugged design, make the V-Series ideal to meet the demands of extreme environments such as building products, steel, lumber, tire, and other challenging industries.

Features include:

  • 9 billion cycles before tuning, outlasting the competition
  • Runs up to 780 ft/min (240 m/min) for high-speed productions
  • Handles pigmented ink marking without typical clogging issues
  • Excellent performance with inks formulated with aggressive fast-dry solvents
  • Fast start-up without purging, and easy color changeover
  • High-performance inks engineered for your application
  • Flushing valve system for easy maintenance