Smart-Jet® DUO.

Now you can set up and program up to 2 printheads using one 7″ touchscreen controller. The Smart-Jet DUO Controller cuts downtime by allowing you to control up to two printheads at one time. This controller gives you the flexibility to operate three different types of printheads, including the ½” Smart-Jet DUO PRO, 1″ Smart-Jet DUO MAX, and ½” Smart-Jet DUO REACH with MEK and 0.4″ (10mm) throw distance.

  • 7″ Touchscreen
  • Barcode and database printing
  • Control up to 2 printheads
  • Smart-Jet Duo Max

For the maximum print coverage, use the Smart-Jet Duo Max.

Paired with the DUO Controller, the MAX gives you the opportunity to code 1″ tall messages on both sides of a product!
It allows you to print everything from text, counter, box/lot and expiration date to Julian date, shiftcode and barcodes.

  • 1″ (25mm) print height
  • 4-5 mm throw distance
  • Double sided 1″ (25mm) coding
  • Porous or non-porous inks
  • Smart-Jet Duo Pro

The Smart-Jet® DUO PRO gives you the advanced printability features you require.

The Smart-Jet® DUO can connect to either one or two printheads at one time, to give maximum flexibility and the ability to print on both sides of a production line, all controlled from a central 7″ touchscreen.
It has the production speed you require at 249 ft. (76m)/min at 300dpi for printing everything from text, counter, box/lot and expiration date to Julian date, shiftcode and barcodes.

  • 1/2″ (12mm) print height
  • 4-5 mm throw distance
  • Trusted HP technology
  • Porous or non-porous ink available
  • Smart-Jet Duo Reach

The Smart-Jet Duo Reach long throw distance printhead can print onto hard to reach surfaces with 10mm throw distance!

The most unique feature of the Smart-Jet DUO REACH is how it’s designed for use with an all new cartridge that can shoot ink up to 2x as far compared to other thermal inkjet cartridges. Plus, since it utilizes the DUO Controller, the REACH gives you the option to use up to two printheads with one DUO Controller. It also uses an MEK based solvent that can print on almost any material you require, even tough non-porous surfaces.

  • 1/2″ (12mm) print height
  • 10mm throw distance
  • 40mL cartridge
  • Print on virtually any surface!